In December 2018, a new national height system called the ‘Slovenian Height System 2010’ was introduced (denoted as ‘SVS2010’). It is based on a new levelling network of the first order, which has been measured over the previous decade. For geopotential number computation with simultaneous levelling measurements, gravimetric measurements were carried out on the benchmarks of the first order levelling network. Based on geopotential numbers, normal heights were computed, as they were chosen as the new official type of heights. A new height datum has also been introduced, determined from 18.6 years of sea level observations on the tide gauge station in Koper, Slovenia with the mean epoch 10. 10. 2010. The new height reference surface (quasi-geoid), named ‘SLO_VRP2016/Koper’ was determined. All levelling lines of lower orders are recalculated in the new vertical datum, so all benchmarks kept in the dataset of geodetic points have a newly determined height. The differences in heights between the old and the new height systems range from 1.4 cm to 30.8 cm.

Key words: national height system, new levelling network, height datum, height reference surface, quasi-geoid, gravimetric measurements